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Government Phone Cases

We make Government Phone Cases, Covers and Accessories, custom made to suit every Government Department, for every Smartphone and Cell Phone. We know what works.

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Custom Logo Cases is proud to work with governments all over the world, helping to protect government property and allow departments and agencies to protect their investments in mobile phones for government employees. We have a huge assortment of government phone cases available and can work with you to develop the perfect customized solution that will suit your employees' needs, protect your devices and fit your budget.

Types of Government Phone Cases

Because Custom Logo Cases is committed to providing government agencies and departments with the absolute best government phone cases, we offer many different types of cases. This way, you're certain to find a case that is cost effective and suitable for your needs. Our selection of government phone cases includes:

- Hard Cases. Hard government phone cases are our least expensive option for governments to purchase to protect smartphones. The cases are fabricated out of polycarbonate plastic and snap onto the backs of phones. A hard case protects the backs and sides of phones from scratches and bumps.

- Skins. Skins are a little different than other types of government phone cases because they do not snap onto the phones. Instead, these vinyl coverings cling to the sides, backs and fronts of smartphones to provide scratch protection. A skin is a great way to keep a phone lightweight and slim, as it does not add any additional bulk or weight to a mobile device.

- Flip Cases. Flip government phone cases provide coverage for the screen of a phone and for its sides and back. These cases have a polycarbonate inner shell and a cover that is made out of vegan or genuine leather. The name "flip" refers to the fact that you flip open the cover either horizontally or vertically when it comes time to use the phone.

- Wallet Cases. Wallet government phone cases make it possible for government employees to carry their government IDs, business cards or expense account credit cards with their phones. The cases are similar to horizontal flip cases but they have slots for cards on the insides of their covers.

- Gel Cases. Governments that want a higher degree of protection for government owned phones can benefit from gel government phone cases. Their thermoplastic polyurethane construction makes the cases shock absorbing to reduce damage due to drop accidents.

- Tough Cases. If government employees will be carrying their phones in areas where the risk of breakage is high, tough government phone cases are often the best solution. These cases are the most protective options and are constructed out of layers of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Why Custom Logo Cases?

When you choose Custom Logo Cases for government phone cases, you'll get the benefits of a dedicated support team that consists of product experts and graphic designers to help you select the right case and get the most attractive results possible from customization. Our design and printing services are free, and we ship orders worldwide at no additional cost to government agencies and departments.



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